FOREVER LOVE : The C-ute’s TURN !!

•November 25, 2008 • 3 Comments


No, be sure, my issue isn’t about this AWESOME Fanart from a °C-ute fan (I don’t know who…) !

But just to say to you ! MAN ! FOREVER LOVE is a °C-ute turn ! More Mature, More Sexy, More Voice Skills…The °c-ute are here ! And just for you, download the HQ audio album ! And just for you guys, watch to PV before your download finished ! xD

(Maimi, Maimi <3)



(Mediafire – MP3 Ver)


(Megaupload – FLAC ver.)

Tracklist :

2. Seventeen’s VOW
3. FOREVER LOVE (Instrumental)



•November 23, 2008 • 4 Comments


YAY~ Cover You Album is now available in H!M !

Man, don’t need words, download and listen ! Is just an awesome album !

(Reviews and Critics soon)


Tracklist :

1-1(2:33) Nagisa no Sindibad (Pink Lady)
1-2(2:49) Dou ni mo Tomaranai (Yamamoto Linda)
1-3(3:48) Izakaya
Artist: Itsuki Hiroshi & Takahashi Ai
1-4(4:22) Pepper Keibu(ALBUM Ver.)(Pink Lady)
1-5(3:24) Shiroi Chou no Samba (Moriyama Kayoko)
1-6(3:00) Seishun Jidai (Morita Kouichi&Top Gyaran)
1-7(4:21) Ringo Satsujin Jiken (Gou Hiromi&Kiki Kirin)
1-8(3:36) Romance (ALBUM Ver.)(Iwasaki Hiromi)
1-9(3:33) Machi no Hikari (Sakai Masaaki)
Artist: Takahashi Ai&Niigaki Risa
1-10(2:59) Koi no Dial 6700 (Finger Five, Koizumi Kyoko)
1-11(4:13) Pinponpan Taisou
Artist: Kamei Eri&Michishige Sayumi&Tanaka Reina&Kusumi Koharu&Mitsui Aika&Junjun&Linlin
1-12(3:14) Watashi no Aoi Tori (Sakurada Junko)
1-13(3:53) Johnny e no Dengen (Pedro&Capricious)
Artist: Niigaki Risa&Kamei Eri&Tanaka Reina
1-14(3:07) UFO (Pink Lady)

Reina : New Stalker Photos !

•November 12, 2008 • 9 Comments

Reina has been stalked !

Yes, we have some new pictures of Reina in the “real life” with her mother ! And Reina’s mother is pretty too…That’s a family a beautiful women ! ❤

These photos were taken the 5th November, so, one week ago !

Reina is style with her yankee fashion ! (Good Point)… Ok guys, i’m just stare for a while, seeing her legs…<3

reinashibuya2 reinashibuya3 reinashibuya1 reinashibuya4

Nolife Member “Donnie” : Morning Musume Captain !

•November 10, 2008 • 2 Comments

Ok, before anything, i’ll explain you just one or two things !


In France, we have a TV channel called : “Nolife” and this TV Channel show all the day, japanese music clip like Visual Kei, Pop, JRock with all the japanese classics ! And every week, we can vote for us favorite clips for a general rank of : “Popular Clips in France” ! And this week, the Morning Musume was in ! YAY~ The “Koi no Dance Site” clip passed at “Classic” rank ! And to be classic, a clip need to be 10 weeks on the top 10 ! (Awesome so…) and now Joshi kashimashi Monogatari just need more few weeks (like 3 as I know) to be “Classic” too.

Well, after the KNDS all the Morning Musume fans on Nolife Forums were…Crazy xD Too happy seeing that !

And a member called “donnie strife” has made an awesome post ! I translated it. Please read it and see what kinf of fans we have here in France !

This morning, when I awoke I had the eyes wet, to tell the truth I really do not know why, I have certainly to dream of the evening of yesterday and to cry in my sleep.
Finally in short, I rose and I opened the window to look at this new day full with hope. The weather was gray, a sky filled with gloomy clouds. Whereas usually this kind of time, would have depressed me, today nothing nor nobody could sully the sunbeam which shone in my heart, since the passage into classic yesterday. Then I smiled, because all this was similar to our fight, the world was gray in vain during all this times for Morning Musume, us our interior sun who cherished them so much, A finally succeeds in rising on the J-TOP to shine ad infinitum.

With this force which transported me as of the morning, I prepared different banners / posters with various slogans from the kind “the world cannot exist without Momusu”, “Morning Musume with the capacity ” or “the girls of the morning it is the life”.  Then, I went to traverse this external world filled with morosenesses, to open the eyes to him and to say to him that only Morning Musume brought universal happiness, by placarding my posters on about fifty shops.

A message in the topic of the J-TOP, had made me much laugh, a person did not see that the passage into classic of Koi No Dance Site would change. And well all, all will change, this passage into classic enormously opened doors, this passage proves that one little to gain, us, a minority which it is seen taking in full face the mocking remarks of the detractors most infamous.
But especially, this passage into classic opened the way, at the first stage of the conquest of the world.

(Morning Musume : The world is for us)

My 60.000 hits are for Maimi

•November 8, 2008 • 1 Comment

sans-titre-2 sans-titre-11

maimi2729 maimi2728 maimi2730

(Yajima Maimi, B.L.T Scans)

Today, Hello!Musume has reached the 60.000 hits !

Isn’t this great ? I’m working on the new way of Hello!Musume as you know, H!M will be a blog with : News Downloads and Pictures Set ! And i’m currently working on the pages and gallery and the new aspect of H!M to go on a new wave ! (\^.^/)

Now, have you look those awesome Maimi’s pictures ? GOD !, since I saw them I have like a…a…well, I don’t have the word but I wasn’t able to talk, to move or something else xD

Maimi is getting too much place in my heart and now, I feel like too blink by her cuteness.

Maimi, you’re my life !

(How stupid I feel saying that kind of things…)

So, as always, I just can thanks you, my dears readers to always coming here and supporting me ! Please continue in that way !


Cover YOU : Cover Now !

•November 8, 2008 • Leave a Comment

newslargemusumecoveryouai8 1320360_570x565

Very colorfull covers !

With a style like the Hippie style is pretty good for me ! All the girls are pretty in the good way (not HAWT or something else xD) and that a pretty good cover ! Reina in the center of the cover, she’s getting importance in Morning Musume I think, she can will be the next leader of Morning Musume ?

Aichan, LOL, she looks like the perfect Hippie girl ! Mother style is back !

The only girl I dislike is Eri…Eri, so beautiful and cute during the Pepper Keibu era is now totally out >>” WTF with that hairstyle, she looks like nothing with that, she need a better hairstyle ! For me, the best hairstyle for Eri is long hair down like Sayumi.

Now, I’m looking forward the Sets of this album !

HANGRY&ANGRY : It is that a PV ?!

•November 5, 2008 • 1 Comment

As you can see, the PV is finally out ! But…It is that a real PV ? >.>”

For me, not at all, man look ! That’s a simple publicity ! I know, HANGRY&ANGRY is just a unit to promote the Harajuku Store but, I thought it will be more fun and rock than a simple PV. I was really looking forward this new style of music in the Hello!Project and what kind of PV it will be and now, i’m worry.

But the PV have a lot of quality between that. Yossie and Rika are of course, in dark and gothic clothes but RIKA is DAMN H.A.W.T ! I stare ! And it’s a pleasure to listen the song and with the PV (without the PUB aspect) it’s a good single !

Kill me, Kiss Me (mini album)
Release Date: November 19, 2008

According to the official MySpace blog, this mini album will be released simultaneously in the US and Japan. The Japanese version will receive special packaging, while the US edition will be CD only. The special packaging version is also a limited edition, and no more will be produced after the initial run of 10,000 is sold out.

1. Kill Me Kiss Me
2. Angelia
4. Romantic ni Violence

Thanks to Kuno from H!O